Evolution / Introduction

Talent is the most vital of all enterprise assets – it’s the asset class that drives all others. Executive leadership, Boards, business academia and media all acknowledge this notion in principle, while very few follow it with investment and action. Organizations that succeed in today’s marketplace will recognize the significance of talent, as it is essential for their survival and growth.

Our value proposition is pointed -- a boutique market interface with exceptional pedigree. The studios offer a unique blend of Organizational Psychology influence, coupled with strategy-based management consulting to deliver superior executive search capabilities. The Talent Studios’ operators share a myriad of traits: including sharp business instincts, intellectual aptitude, tenacity and the measurable ability to discern standout talent.

We look beyond common industry and channel boundaries to identify executives and other leaders who possess what’s needed (experience, attitude, inherent competencies, and potential) to achieve a client company’s vision, thrive within its culture and ultimately deliver vital impact over the long run.

The Talent Studios were developed by and have evolved from the successes learned by HR Chief Dan Walker’s implementation of the talent supply chain model that transformed the Apple organization at the turn of the century. The results are the unequivocal belief that the success of any enterprise is the result of having an overabundance of extraordinary talent.

Executive Search

Our approach toward executive search is rigorous and evidence-based. It’s our belief that methodical and consistent process yields not only an expedient time-to-fill, but also secures the best long-term retention outcomes.

Some of the most coveted brands in the world have placed their trust in us, by retaining our team to represent their most significant leadership roles and initiatives in the marketplace – we don’t take this responsibility lightly.

We’ve consistently found that the most valuable tool an executive search partner can wield is a fundamental understanding of a client’s business. Acclamation to an organization’s operational framework and ongoing strategy allows for a consultative search approach with the end goal of solving business challenges through talent. Our process utilizes validated principles of organizational science that allow us to capture enterprise culture and utilize it as a lens through which to filter potential candidates.

Every search involves an Intelligent Target Ecosystem™ that results from the collaboration between The Talent Studios and client organizations. Our practices were shaped through extended client deployments that required us to keep score – 12-month, 24-month and 36-month outcomes of our placed executives have been tracked, coupled with measurement of voluntary/in-voluntary exits, performance reviews, compensation increases, annual bonuses and promotions.

We identify and select executive talent through an exhaustive investigative process, often reaching beyond industry-specific talent pools to assemble teams with the right mix of experience, personality, and competencies with the potential to take organizations to entirely new levels.

Leadership & Workforce Transformation

Acquiescing to a “performance bell curve” is not a meaningful way to run a 21st century enterprise. Effective and lasting talent supply chains need to be built on-purpose.

In select scenarios, The Talent Studios organizes into a customized team, and deploys and embeds within a client organization to affect substantial change -- including the build-out or turnaround of an executive and/or functional team.

A successful deployment not only initiates the mechanism for immediate organizational success, it installs high-quality talent acquisition practices that are self-reliant in perpetuity beyond the engagement.

Our transformation model operates on three basic principles:
1) Create business leverage with intellectual leverage
2) Build strength, not by adding numbers, but rather by selecting, hiring and retaining top performers/force-multipliers
3) Provoke a new standard of excellence that quickly becomes systemic and leads to consistent, measurable performance

Culture / DNA Mapping to Accelerate Organizational Performance

Cult of Personality: Diagnosing existing and desired culture as a tool to examine organizational gaps. Enlisting help from experts outside of a company can help identify the current strengths and weaknesses while also taking into account the company’s vision, goals, and culture.

The Talent Studios provides guidance on prioritizing elements of personality, competencies, experience, and potential - and then maps them relative to client business goals.

Only the most successful organizations have managed to match culture with operational climate, resulting in stunning efficiencies and execution of strategy. The Talent Studios utilizes research-based and validated culture measurement frameworks that isolate key indicators of effective organization performance.

One of the most valuable pieces of information that can be provided to a business is the extent of alignment between company strategy and organizational capability. If alignment is lacking, transformation strategies can be developed to rationalize a plan to execute against. If alignment presently exists, this capture of organizational culture can be used as both a benchmark and organization guiding principal, as well as a recruiting filter.