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We look beyond common industry and channel boundaries to identify executives and organizational leaders who possess what’s needed (experience, attitude, inherent competencies, and potential) to achieve a company’s vision, thrive within its culture and ultimately deliver vital impact over the long run.

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Our approach toward executive search is rigorous and evidence-based. It’s our belief that methodical and consistent process yields not only an expedient time-to-fill, but also secures the best long-term retention outcomes.


Talent Studios organizes into a customized team, and deploys and embeds within a client organization to affect substantial change – including the build-out or turnaround of an executive and/or functional team

Our transformation model operates on three basic principles


The Talent Studios provides guidance on prioritizing elements of personality, competencies, experience, and potential—and then maps them relative to client business goals.

Only the most successful organizations have managed to match culture with operational climate, resulting in stunning efficiencies and execution of strategy. The Talent Studios utilizes research-based and validated culture measurement frameworks that isolate key indicators of effective organization performance.

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